IPS - Industrial Parts & Services

Since 1989 IPS - Industrial Parts & Services, Inc. has specialized in hydraulic press repair, press parts, welding, and rebuilding of stamping presses and forging presses. stamping equipment and forging equipment is our specialty; however, we also frequently work with all types of manufacturing equipment in Kentucky and surrounding areas.



It is almost always more cost-effective to perform press repair and find replacement press parts and/or refurbish a machine than it is to purchase and relocate a replacement.


Although it may seem best to fix the immediate situation with a "band-aid", it is our experience that there is usually a root cause that will continue to cause you repeated downtime and greatly impact your overall equipment efficiency if not remedied.


Be prepared for your downtime. Regardless of whether it is planned or reactive maintenance, if you are prepared you will be able to perform the necessary maintenance functions to get you back online with minimal downtime.

Whether you're looking for a individual press parts or a complete machine rebuild, IPS can supply it. We offer troubleshooting, consulting and 24 hr emergency service.

Our experience and technical expertise qualifies us to be your #1 Source when it comes to your hydraulic press and manufacturing equipment. Industrial Parts & Services, Inc. is a leader in keeping your metal stamping presses in optimal operating condition. We take pride in our quality workmanship.

Industrial Parts & Services, Inc. has over 20 years of experience in press repair, welding, and rebuilding. We know the importance of getting your manufacturing equipment back in service as quickly as possible. Industrial Parts & Services, Inc. provides the best quality mechanical press parts, components, and services to the metal working industries.

IPS is dedicated to providing high quality press parts and press repairs for the metal working industries in Kentucky and surrounding areas. We don't limit ourselves to strictly metal stamping presses, we also service forging presses, screw machines, gearboxes, welding and brazing. We can assist you in the maintenance and press repair of your machinery. If it has moving press parts and it is broken, we can fix it. No job is too large or too small.