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Press Repair Services

Industrial Parts & Services, Inc. can assist you with your hydraulic press repair, press parts, stamping equipment, welding, manufacturing equipment, and forging equipment throughout Kentucky. Our press parts include Niagara parts, Warco parts, Bliss parts, Rousselle parts, Fawick parts, Verson parts, and many more. Contact Us for trouble-shooting, disassembly, routine maintenance, annual machine inspections and all your requirements for field service assistance.

Whether you are looking to buy a machine that may need work or looking to repair or upgrade an existing machine, let IPS assist you. Our skilled employees have decades of experience in press repair Kentucky and are some of the best in the field today.


Assembly & Testing

Upon completion of repairing the parts, or making new components, the press parts will be checked for size and quality. Sub assemblies will be fit and assembled. On rebuilds the sub assemblies will then be installed in the frame, adjusted for proper running clearance and operation. Rebuilt equipment can be test run in our plant or if assembled in the field, checked in the customer's plant before final customer run off and acceptance.

Controls, Lube Systems, Clutches & Upgrades

You will often find older machinery that is heavier in construction than some of the new equipment available. By rebuilding this equipment and adding the latest technologies you can often end up with a machine that is better than what is offered on the market as new. New electronic controls, lubrication systems, safety devices and other upgrades can be engineered and installed to modernize an older machine to bring it up to current standards. Working hand and hand with our technical group we can aid you in deciding on which controls, systems and other upgrades are best, while keeping safety and efficiency as the primary goal.

Disassembly & Inspection

A press repair Kentucky or rebuild project begins with the disassembly, inspection and engineering of the press parts and components. Press parts are checked for wear, cracks and dimensional integrity. During this process you are informed of any findings that may impact the project or cause a change in scope or cost.


Machine inspections of your manufacturing equipment is a necessary process to maintain productivity. Whether it is before you buy a used machine, or after it is in production, a complete inspection can save time and money.

The key to continued efficient operation in the stamping equipment and forging equipment industries is regular inspection of the hydraulic press equipment. Early identification of problems can be used to schedule machine downtime to minimize the effect on overall plant production.

You can count on us to inspect your machinery for potential breakdown problems and/or set up a preventative maintenance program to extend your machinery life cycle.

What we inspect:

Complete Machine Inspection

  • Wear
  • Damage
  • Performance

Die Space Condition

  • Parallelism
  • Slide Run-Out
  • Gib Clearances

Lubrication Systems

  • Lines
  • Lube points
  • Reservoir
  • Filters
  • Hoses
  • Pump
  • Control
  • Leaks
  • Blockages
  • System Pressure

Clutch and Brake Performance

  • Start-up and Braking Times
  • Clutch/Brake Overlap

New Press Set-up Inspection

Getting a new hydraulic press means advancement, which is an exciting undertaking. IPS can help you with the set-up of your new machine, whether it be to help move in a refurbished hydraulic press, or to work with the press manufacturers themselves to set-up a brand new press.

Press Repair Kentucky Inspection

IPS will inspect the machine and recommend solutions for its press repair. If a repair can be made during inspection we will do so at your request. Please note that without taking the machine completely apart and inspecting all of its components, we are not able to tell you everything about its condition.

Preventative Maintenance Inspections

Performing preventative maintenance inspections is a strong suit of our company and can include setting up predictive maintenance systems better to optimize your lean maintenance programs.

IPS will inspect the machine by checking adjustments, parallelism, clearances, squareness, clutch operations, etc. We then provide a written report on the condition of the machine, including comments and recommendations. Whether it is an existing hydraulic press repair or one that you are considering purchasing, we can check the overall condition of the machine from the inside out.

  1. IPS servicemen will travel to your plant.
  2. With the dies removed, we will check all bearings, connections, etc. and record clearances found.
  3. We will conduct a visual inspection and record information as to general appearance, condition and possible fractures in frame and other component parts.
  4. We will inspect the clutch/brake system operations, slide ram and bolster parallel, lubrication system and record findings.
  5. Industrial Parts & Services will provide results to you in a written report, including our recommendations for safety and performance modifications.

Press Parts Inspection Training Program

IPS will develop a maintenance program, outlining the necessary steps to assist your own personnel in performing inspections to help in maintaining production by scheduling maintenance needs.


Our engineering expertise can improve your machine performance, productivity, reliability, ease of maintenance, and set-up time.

IPS's remanufacturing engineering expertise and thorough inspection practices distinguish us as a true rebuilder and remanufacturer. Our experienced professionals and degreed mechanical engineers have developed standards of excellence for press repair and rebuilding services to the metal forming industries.

We can provide:


Industrial Parts & Services, Inc. can assist you in meeting your challenges and deadlines for machine installation and relocation. Our extensive mechanical experience ensures that your machine will be professionally installed and up and running on schedule. Avoid mistakes made during machine assembly and installation by lesser skilled installers. Avoid damage to your manufacturing equipment and costly repair/rework time by using the experienced machine repairman at Industrial Parts & Services, Inc. We understand proper fit, tolerances, level, alignment, torque requirements, etc.


Industrial Parts & Services, Inc. can assist you with your maintenance challenges in a number of ways.

Our mechanics won't simply come to your facility and throw grease and oil at your machinery as numerous other contractors will. It is our experience that conducting the regular preventative maintenance tasks is also a good opportunity to inspect the machinery and make note of any suspect function or components. We are always on the lookout for things like excessive heat, unusual vibration, noise, or abnormal operation. Our mechanics and apprentices take pride in their work and will approach your maintenance tasks in a professional manner.

If you want to run a lean manufacturing plant, preventative and predictive maintenance is more important than ever for keeping your manufacturing equipment in the condition needed to run a world class manufacturing operation. IPS can provide preventative maintenance inspections on your equipmen, set up and monitor your predictive maintenance programs.

1. The first step is to get a good overall look at the condition of your machinery. This is done by conducting a thorough machine inspection. This information will give you a good snapshot of your machine's current health by providing you information with regards to the condition of your machine's moving parts, their overall condition and existing running clearances. Machine level, alignment, vibration, and thermal conditions are also examined. This information will be put into a report that will allow you to see your machine's present condition at a glance. This will enable you to utilize planned and predictive maintenance.

2. We can also assist you in composing a preventative maintenance task schedule for your manufacturing equipment. Preventative maintenance is your best tool for avoiding downtime due to mechanical failure.

3. We can also help you create a critical parts list specific to the machine and begin the process of mustering these critical parts. These usually include clutch and brake parts, seals, certain bearings, belts, etc. If a critical condition exists in a particular machine we can have the proper press parts ready at your earliest available downtime. The preparedness will greatly reduce your downtime and can save you thousands of dollars in lost productivity and the added costs of emergency hydraulic press repair or replacement of your manufacturing equipment.